Blessing of Nicola and David at the Granary, Sudbury, Suffolk

On Saturday we had the pleasure of photographing Nicola and David Pengelly (who are not related to us) at The Granary, Sudbury, Suffolk.
Nicola and David were married some 21 years ago and were not able to have a big wedding, Nicola had always said that when her and David were able too they would have the wedding they really wanted.
For once we did not have to worry about the good old bristish weather although cold it was bright and overcast.
We met Nicola at The Mill Hotel, Sudbury, Suffolk it was quite a surprise that when we arrived Nicola and her 5 bridesmaids were nearly ready some 3 hours before the blessing, so we were able to take our time and had a great time photographing them all.
The guys arrived in a American police car which did make good photographing and also with David and the guys arriving early we did make use of the old Sudbury to Cambridge railway line and really was able to get some great photographs.
The whole day was a very relaxed affair and Nicola and David and done a really good job with timings.
After the main group photographs were taken we took Nicola and David away to do their together photographs which was fun to work with them both.
After these photographs were taken Nicola and David had booked a very nice boat trip down the river Stour.
Both Kevin and Sabrina hope the next 21 years for Nicola and David are as happy and to photograph a fellow Pengelly was a real pleasure as Nicola and David made us so welcome, Thank You.

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