Wedding of Amanda and Neil at Baptist Church, Colchester, Essex and Vauxhall Farm, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Pengelly Photography had a very busy weekend photographing weddings on Saturday
and Sunday.
Our first of the weekends wedding was on Saturday where we
photographed Amanda and Neil who where married
at the Baptist Church,
Colchester, Essex and then held there reception at Vauxhall farm, Ipswich,
Once again we had to worry about the good old British weather if we
were going to be able to get all the photographs
taken before the heavens
We do have to say that Amanda was fantastic as once again it was very
cold and not once did Amanda complain about being cold,
Neil was doing his
best to keep his wife warm.
Once at Vauxhall farm we were just able to get
all the group photographs taken then the heavens opened.
Thankfully the rain
was only with us for a few minutes so we were able to get back outside to
photograph Amanda and Neil in the lovely
grounds of Vauxhall farm,
Both Kevin and Sabrina wish Amanda and Neil a very happy life

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