Wedding of Joanne and Gary married at Hintleham Hall, Hintlesham, Suffolk

Pengelly Photography have just had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Joanne and Gary who were married at the lovely Suffolk wedding venue Hintlesham Hall, Hintlesham, Suffolk.

The proceedings started the day before with a pre wedding dinner held at Hintlesham Hall for all the wedding guests, during the meal the guests were treated to the fantastic three waiters which the guests really did enjoy.

After the mealĀ  a casino was arranged with a prize of a mini cruise up for grabs for the guest that made the most money, also going around the guests were 2 fantastic card illusionists.

On the day of the wedding Hintlesham Hall looked stunning with Flowers by W Flower’s all around the long gallery and downstairs by the salon also in the long gallery were 20 framed enlargements of some of the Hollywood greats but also Pengelly Photography had photographed both Joanne and Gary in Hollywood style and their photographs had also been framed and hung in the long gallery which did cause quite a stir amongst the wedding guests as Joanne really does look like Elizabeth Taylor.

The whole day was really a stunning wedding to photograph and Joanne had put a lot of hard work in arranging, after the wedding itself living statues were around Hintleham Hall which a lot of guests walked past as they really did look like real statues also walking amongst guests were 3 Hollywood look alikes Marilyn Monroe, Sophie Loren and Audrey Hepburn.

The evening was completed with a 7 piece band playing the evening out with a guest appearance Joanne bridesmaid singing a couple of songs with the band.

Both Kevin and Sabrina would like to wish Joanne and Gary a very happy married life together and thank you for booking Pengelly Photography.

Joanne and Gary at Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk

Living Statue at Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk

Marilyn Monroe, Sophie Loren and Audrey Hepburn Look a likes at Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk

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