Wedding Photography at Quendon Hall Essex – Image of the Week

Week 8

This week it’s all about the Bride and this image is from the wedding of Laura and Adam.

It was taken at Parklands, Quendon Hall, Essex.  When I look at this image it takes me back to Laura and Adam laughing and smiling all day and in turn it makes me smile too.  I have chosen this week’s image for a few reasons; firstly because this arty drama is very much part of the Pengelly style, Laura and Adam instantly saw this in our photography, which is why they booked us.

Secondly  their photographic memories were one of the most important elements of their wedding and they really worked with us to make the wedding story that will be with them forever.  My last reason for posting this image is to demonstrate that for Laura and Adam their photography was something they were not willing to compromise on and a friend of the family just would not cut the mustard.

They knew that being able to achieve this type of imagery is created by the photographer’s skill and not simply by owning a nice camera.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day and for the honour of creating an amazing story for a lovely couple.

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Kevin & Sabrina 🙂

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