Wedding Photography at West Wing Ickworth Bury St Edmunds Suffolk – Carrie-Ann and Derek

Good Morning from Pengelly Photography,

This was one hot wedding at West Wing Ickworth, Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk!  It was a glorious day and the temperatures soared to the dizzy heights of 36 degrees; phew and oh boy it was hot, hot, hot!  They were so few and far between last year we were rather glad that we have photographic evidence too!!  Our car was so hot it took 30 minutes to cool down with the ‘air con’ on full blast.

Carrie-Ann and Derek’s marriage took place  at the stunning Lavenham Church in Suffolk and afterwards it was off to the West Wing Ickworth to continue the celebrations.  It was a stunning day and despite the heat Carrie-Ann and Derek breezed through the day as cool as cucumbers, and we just want to say thank you to them for being fabulous and allowing us to capture their story.

So what images do we have in store for you today; without further ado here they are.

The first image is something a little different in the post production used, we thought that this scene would be enhanced by the use of muted colour tones, so at first glance one thinks it may be a black and white image but it immediately makes you look again and then delve further into the image; before you know it you too are walking amongst the formal gardens sipping a drinkie or two and enjoying the sunshine!

Ah yes image two and we always like to include a Pengelly popular, classic black and white with amazing architecture and utilising that huge studio light in the sky!

Image three is just a nice documentary style image that is all part of a wedding story.

We have included it because you really cannot beat a good toastmaster, people think that having a toastmaster makes a wedding day formal and stuffy; not so as 80% of a toastmaster’s job is doing all the stuff you will never see to ensure you have a fun and relaxed day.

This is proof, you can sit outside in the UK and pretend you are in the Caribbean so image four is here for you to dream wistfully of drinkies, chat and fun in the sun…don’t do it, don’t look out the window you will just get depressed!!

Have a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to catching up with you for Image of the Week.

Kevin & Sabrina 🙂

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