Award Winning Wedding Photography at Layer Marney Tower, Colchester, Essex – Samantha and Richard

Happy Friday all and welcome to today’s blog,

The wedding photography this week is at one of our favourite venues Layer Marney Tower, Colchester, Essex.  It is also very special to us as a high proportion of our award winning images were taken here.  The fantastic architecture and grounds really do help when Kevin is creating his masterpieces.

Samantha and Richard were great fun to photograph; Samantha had the most gorgeous smile that did not leave her all day.  She was enjoying and absorbing every minute and it was a delight to see.

We loved Richard too, and the poor old groom often plays second fiddle on the day but Richard had other ideas.  He wanted something a little different for his lads and this brings us to the first image of the day.

This is 60’s gangster style and I just love it, men doing men’s things with men’s stuff!!!  Our second image was taken during the wedding ceremony and just look at Samantha’s face, she radiates happiness.

Ah yes, doors, brick wall and some interesting muted colour tones gives a twist to this classical image.

We are finishing off today’s blog images with Samantha who does demure just as well as she does happy; isn’t Richard a lucky chap.

It has been all go here at Pengelly Photography this week;  Kevin was  judging at the London Portrait Group and we both made a very special visit to London last night; if we can all will be revealed at a later date…ooh the intrigue!

Have a fantastic weekend and dont forget it is Mother’s Day on Sunday and look out for image of the week on Monday 🙂

Kevin & Sabrina 🙂

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