Wedding Photographers for Hintelsham Hall Ipswich Suffolk-Jessica & Arron

Good Morning Bloggers,

Today’s blog is from the wedding photography of Jessica and Arron at the lovely Hintelsham Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk.

You can probably see from our previous posts that we see lots of the area’s venues regularly, rather than doing the same things each time we are always on the lookout for something a little different to keep things fresh.  This is often guided by our couples’ personalities, we want their wedding stories to be their own and not part of a generic set of images that we produce time after time.

Jessica and Arron were a very fun loving couple and they were always mucking around with each other so we wanted to bring a little of this into their photography too.

The first image of the day makes me smile because Jessica although posing for quite a dreamy shot has a touch of the minx in her and given the chance she would be up to no good in a dash!  The image also has a bigger story to tell as the little ones are all giving away bits of their personalities in this shot.  Jessica’s dress was made for this second image, the full design of the skirt framed her amongst the symmetry of the staircase; doesn’t she look beautiful.  Now this is where there fun loving side comes in and we have replicated the weather house shot.  I hope I am not betraying my age here but years ago there used to be these weather houses, if the woman was out of her door then it was sun and I think it was rain for the man.  This is my version with muted colour tones!  Last but not least; ahh that beautiful dress in this location was perfect; the technique used here was to emphasise the slight apprehension as Jessica is looking for her man.  Every time Sabrina looks at this image she melts; not me of course I am a man and such things would not move me 😉

I am writing this post today having had a whirlwind of a week; after the most fantastic couple of days of assessing qualification panels and competition judging we have also managed to fit in a wedding too!

Happy Easter everyone,

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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