Documentary Wedding Photography at The Barn Brasserie Gt Tey Essex – Image of the Week

Week 15

Well I think this image from the wedding photography at The Barn Brasserie, Gt Tey, Essex speaks for itself!  You can just tell how much fun Jenna was having with the brilliant soul singer Irie Jay.

Jenna and Oliver really chose well as he had all the guests singing and dancing all day long to classics from legends such as Marvin Gaye and Barrie White and he sounded just like them.

Sabrina and I were having a little ‘groove’ between shots and when we got home I was tempted to get my kaftan out and serenade Sabrina with a bit of a Barry classic ‘let the music play’,  but her horrified look told me it was not a good idea!

I will try and blog later in the week in between training sessions….I wonder if my trainees would appreciate a bit of Barry whilst mulling over the complexities of posing and light; ummmmm 😉

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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