Smeetham Hall Barn Bulmer Essex Wedding Photography – Felicity and Ian

Yes you guessed it; you don’t hear from me then I am like a bus you hear from me three times in one week!!

Today we are featuring wedding photography at Smeetham Hall Barn, Bulmer, Essex with the lovely Felicity and Ian.  Sabrina and I do love a bit of Smeetham; it has walls, woods and quaint houses so lots to work with.  As you can see from the imagery the day was gorgeous; both Felicity and Ian were incredibly relaxed and wanted to us to do what we wanted to ensure that we created their wedding story.

So to the images for today; Felicity wore the most beautiful silk wedding gown the fabric just flowed over her resulting in the most flattering line.

The gown and accessories had  a very art deco influence, and the warm tones used in this image are a homage to something out of Agatha Christie.  Felicity’s sublime pose has added to this further and I was very pleased with the overall look when I was editing their wedding; good work team!  You really can’t beat a good bit of brick wall and Smeetham Hall Barn has these in abundance, the shallow depth of field along with the leading lines of the brickwork takes us straight the Ian, looking mighty fine in black and white I might add.  I think you might be able to see a Pengelly signature group shot coming up; I do like a nice bit of variety in the groups and I always find the movement and variation of expression in these images most pleasing.

Ah the woods with a soft light with a little extra softness added in post production, classic and beautiful.  I have put this image in for two reasons this week; firstly to show a nice bit of architecture and secondly to demonstrate subtle placing and posing.  The less experienced among our profession may get caught out by the many lines of this beautiful building and rather than use it to enhance the couple it would just detract.  I have placed Felicity and Ian at the tallest part of the building and their heads are contained in that panel.

This has the effect of ensuring the building works with them in the image rather than against them and all lines lead to them.  You have the opportunity to admire the architecture without Felicity or Ian becoming lost it in, which can so easily happen if you get this wrong.  Ahhh gone into trainer mode again and a ‘look’ (chaps you know the one I mean) from Sabrina!  Last but certainly not least the cake; this was so special to Felicity as it was made by her Mum in the shape of the barn.  Just look at the detail it truly is amazing, now that is one talented lady.

I have said it before but I am hoping to return to normal once I return from Northern Ireland working as a photographic judge for the BIPP and presenting a seminar about Pengelly Photography

If you could bear with me over the next couple of weeks but keep checking back.  If I get another ‘look’ I know I had better pull my socks up!!

Catch up soon,

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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