Wedding Photography At Three Rivers Golf & Country Club, Essex- Rebecca & Michael

Good Morning Everyone,

I missed a blog post last week as I was one of the trainers at a superb training week in Wales.  We all had an amazing time and it was good to have such a talented bunch of photographers to train.

So this week we are showcasing the wedding photography at the Three Rivers Golf and Country Club and let me introduce you to Rebecca and Michael who were a joy to photograph.

The Three Rivers Golf and Country Club is a lovely venue.  It is of a modern design with some great lines and features that I like to utilise.  The one thing I love about my job is how varied it is.  No two weddings are the same, every one is as unique as the couple who are getting married.   I have photographed many weddings over the years and I relish the many variables that the day brings, but I relish them because I have trained extensively with some of the best photographers in the world and can really deal with whatever is thrown at me; and believe me the UK loves to throw weather curve balls on a regular basis!  I am now imparting that knowledge to my mentees and trainees who are professional photographers themselves and it is a pleasure to be a part of their photographic journeys.

So what little treats do we have in store today I hear you say…..

Let me introduce you to Michael looking magnificent in front of the Golf Club, I am using the leading lines to ensure that he is the main man!  Image two just shows the fun that Rebecca and Michael share as a couple, don’t you just love that look on Rebecca’s face!  I love finding new things at a venue and often they are overlooked by everyone; this lovely picture caught my eye and frames Rebecca perfectly; again being experienced in my job gives me the edge to see things that perhaps others may overlook.  I have included two sunset pictures today and balancing the light was so important here; I wanted to ensure that the colours in the sky remained rich and vibrant whilst at the same time lighting Rebecca and Michael so that they balanced perfectly with the setting.  I also love the way that the slant of the trees is the same as the slant of Rebecca’s posture and again this is all down to ensuring that I see these things and prepare for them before the shutter is even pressed.  Whoops I have gone into trainer mode there…sorry!  Last but not least another shot at sunset with the modern lines of the golf club behind.

Have a great week all and there will be a ‘Brucey’  bonus an extra image of the week to catch up.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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