Wedding Photography at the Essex Regiment Way Golf Club Colchester Essex – Image of the Week

Week 21

Phew I think we are back on track with image of the week, bar on little sacrifice but I think you can forgive me for that 😉

This image is from the wedding photography at the Essex Regiment Way Golf Club, Colchester, Essex and these beautiful ladies you see are Vicki’s bridesmaids.

Vicki married Sam in St Michael’s Church, Galleywood, Essex before they headed to their wedding reception at the golf club.  We love this image because it just exudes happiness; the girls are happy and they are carrying what Sabrina and I think is one of the happiest flowers of all, the Sunflower.

We also loved their bridesmaids’ dresses too; looking fab for the wedding day but something that can be worn afterwards…good choice.  Crikey I have gone all Gok Wan!!!

It does feel good to be getting back into an office routine having spent so much time away from it recently.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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