Weddings at Crab Manor Hotel Asenby North Yorkshire – Laura and Stephen

Good Morning from the Pengelly Headquarters,

Today our wedding photography takes us to the beautiful county of North Yorkshire.

Sabrina and I met Laura and Stephen at the Colchester Utd wedding fayre last year and we were so pleased they chose us to capture their wedding.

We did lots of research prior to the big day and when working in a new venue the planning is instrumental to ensuring we make best of what it has to offer, and I must say Sabrina and I were quite excited to be experiencing the beautiful landscapes of North Yorkshire.

Crab Manor Hotel has to be one of the quirkiest places I have had the pleasure to work at, as we wandered around the venue we were greeted by a full sized Yeti on the landing; how brilliant is that!

The first image you will see today is Stephen outside the hotel with his ‘boys’ and they all look mighty fine in their dress uniform.  It was a real honour to cover their wedding and we have the utmost respect for the military and the job they do, well done Guys and Gals.   I really love a good window and there were windows a plenty at this wedding venue; the light enveloped Laura’s dress beautifully here with the shadows nestling nicely in the folds of the dress it gave a 3D feel to  this image; doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous.  This type of imagery is utterly timeless, but also fitting with the Great Gatsby trend that is with us at the moment.  Trends come and go but beautiful classical wedding photography will stand the test of time and requires the greatest skill, how many trends that looked good at the time are cringe worthy now .  This arch was made for me; amazing symmetry that leads us straight to a couple in love and enjoying their day.  The last image of the day reminds me of Pride and Prejudice; the Georgian architecture really helps to achieve the look I wanted.

I am slowly getting back on track, the office took a bit of a downturn whilst I was away so much.  I now know that I am the ‘office tidier’ and Sabrina is the ‘office messier’, but don’t tell her I said that 😉 !!

Have a great weekend and look out for image of the week on Monday.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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