Weddings at Woodhall Manor Woodbridge Suffolk – Claire and Luke

Good Morning from the Pengellys,

Today’s blog is from the wedding of Claire and Luke who were married at Woodhall Manor, Woodbridge, Suffolk and again we were photographing a very fun couple and this set the scene for the whole day 🙂

As soon as you drive to the entrance of Woodhall Manor the first thing that greets are the beautiful wrought iron gates and a notice “by appointment only”, now that’s exclusive and will make you feel a million dollars on your wedding day.  I know I have said it before and I am saying it again, but this is yet another beautiful venue we have on our doorstep and I love having the opportunity to photograph there.  We were blessed with the weather on Claire and Luke’s day; bright with a little diffused cloud for even light.  In the summer months when the sun is very high in the sky a cloudless day can be limiting so diffused cloud early in the day is a bonus, but you can guess it I want that all to go away and then have a beautiful evening sky when the sun is low and a golden warmth embraces the earth. Yup like all good photographers I am never happy, always seeking perfection!

So for today’s images; just look at that architecture and I had a hankering for muted colour tones to give a retro feel to this image.  The Lord and Lady of the Manor are partaking of an afternoon stroll before high tea; that’s what was in my head when I took this shot.  Ooooh I do love a bit of symmetry with the added bonus of reflection and this image has the lot.  The diffused clouds have allowed the richness of the architecture and the reflections to shine in this image.  So we’ve had high tea, now we are on a stroll before dinner; this is just a nice relaxed shot of a couple really enjoying their day.  Oh, there are those leading lines again…fabulous and we had great fun with this image; I love the look on Claire’s face here and there was laughter and happiness abound.  Our last image of today is my weather house shot, but with five not two and I am always on the lookout to find new and novel ways to photograph families on the day, it creates fun and moves away from too many formal group shots.

Am I getting back to normal I hear you say?  Well nearly, April was an extremely hectic month and it is only now that I am managing to draw breath!  Yesterday Sabrina and I drove to Birmingham with our son who was playing football in the ESFA final; alas they didn’t win but it was a tight game and the team did us all proud.  Well done lads you were in the final, so were are very proud parents today.

Look out later in the week for image of the week.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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