Designer Wedding Photography at Priory Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk – Image of the Week

Week Twenty Five

This designer image is from the wedding photography of Hayley and Aaron who were married at the gorgeous Priory Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk.  Sabrina and I offer a very bespoke service to our lovely Brides and Grooms and we have really got to know them before their big day; on the day it enables us to capture their unique day.  It must be so overwhelming for newly engaged couples trying to find the right photographer for their day; it seems that everyone has a ‘passion’ for photography now and they think this passion and usually one camera will do everything for them and will make them the next awesome rock star of photography!!!  Alas this is not so and is backed up by the many sorry stories that we read in the newspapers about wedding photography disasters.  To succeed in photography it takes many years of training, perfection of technique and style along with the right equipment and back up equipment to do the job properly.  I have a passion for cars; not sure you have guessed from my previous blogs 😉 but you wouldn’t get Sabrina in the passenger seat if I had been tinkering under the bonnet with my one screwdriver!

So why do I love today’s image; it takes me back to the days of the rat pat, glamorous days when so many things that we take for granted today were dawning.  The black and white tones are just a touch creamy to give that yesteryear feel too.

Oh dear, Sabrina has locked that one screwdriver in the shed, she’s not taking any chances!!!

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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