Essex Pre Wedding Photography at Frinton On Sea, Essex – Image of the Week

Week 24

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We love it when our couples want to have a pre wedding photography shoot; Victoria and Craig have since been married in Essex at the Channels Golf Club.  Channels is a fabulous venue set in the heart of Essex and is easily accessible from Suffolk, North and South Essex.  The surrounding countryside is just beautiful so Sabrina and I love it when we have the opportunity to photograph there.

Now looking at this image I can sense you are a little confused; set in the heart of Essex I hear you say, so why the sea?  Well sometimes it is nice to have the pre wedding shoot at a different location to the wedding reception and we thought it would be really good fun and a complete twist to have some images at the seaside.  We had a lovely time at Frinton on Sea; this is such a quaint and beautiful seaside town with many echoes to a glorious yesteryear.   I love this image for many reasons, firstly the crop is very dramatic, and this really brings together how similar the sky and sea were in colour that day.  I have further enhanced this with some muted colour tones to really get ‘that feel’ to the image.  I also love it’s simplicity and composition, nowadays things can be complicated too much with so much post production and reliance on Photoshop that images rarely resemble what actually was on the shoot.  The best images in my opinion are the ones that wow in the back of the camera, where care has been taken over exposure, light, composition and placement; if they wow without bells and whistles things can only get better.

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Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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