Weddings at All Saints’ Church Rettendon and Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex-Nicola & Patrick

Good Morning All,

Welcome to the Essex wedding photography of Nicola and Patrick who were married at All Saints’ Church Rettendon and their beautiful wedding reception was held at Layer Marney Tower, Colchester, Essex.  I do love the variety that weddings have to offer and Sabrina and I feel so very lucky to travel around Essex photographing weddings and to experience the many wonderful churches and venues we have.

Nicola and Patrick had dry but very dramatic weather for their wedding day and this was the perfect backdrop for the venue, which is very dramatic too.  Poor Patrick was a little nervous during the day and it is easy to forget how nerve wracking it can be when being the centre of attention all day and then having lots of photographs taken.  Sabrina and I really did feel for him and made sure when did our best to calm his nerves so he could enjoy this wonderful day with his equally wonderful and beautiful bride.

So for today’s images; lads being lads and having some movement in this image has a twofold effect, it creates a feeling of motion in a still image but also diverts Patrick’s attention from being the focus of the image, which results in a much more relaxed Patrick!  The vintage car fitted just perfectly in this venue; I love they way they are looking at each other and reflecting on the very moving wedding ceremony they just experienced.  Because of the architecture, background and car I have used muted colour tones to tell the story here.  The Pengellys love a bit of leading lines; and I will always sniff a few out to use 🙂  The bridge was perfect for this image, leading lines to the both of them and Patrick is getting into the role of lord of the manor here, I just love that look as he surveys his estate next to his beautiful new wife.  I couldn’t wax lyrical about the tower without actually having a picture of the tower, so here it is; just fabulous and look at that architecture and dramatic clouds, stop rolling your eyes Sabrina, you know I love a good bit of architecture…honestly you just can’t get the staff 😉  don’t tell Sabrina I said that!

I am settling back into a routine now after my hectic few months judging, assessing and mentoring and I am very much looking forward to our weddings in June.

Check back soon for the latest Pengelly ramblings,

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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