Contemporary and classical wedding photography at Smeetham Hall Barn Sudbury Suffolk – Image of the Week

Week 29

Good Morning Bloggers,

The Pengellys love wedding photography at Smeetham Hall Barn, Sudbury, Suffolk and it is always a joy to be back there celebrating and capturing another story for our lovely couples.

Smeetham Hall Barn wedding venue is on the borders of Suffolk and Essex and is a beautiful 16th century converted barn, which is adjacent to a wonderful manor house.  The whole vista is just stunning and the weeping willows create a really dreamy touch too, so you can see why Sabrina and I love it so much.

Rachel and Matthew’s plan for their day was fun, fun mixed with more fun!  It was there from the moment we arrived to the moment we left and my sides hurt from all the laughter. To top it all they had a Beatles tribute band who are one of the best in the country.  They have appeared on many TV and Radio shows too; we do love our job, it has so much variety, happiness and emotion that Sabrina and I often chat about it on the way home from our weddings.  We may photograph at the same venue but it really is like being there for the first time as our couples sprinkle their unique magic on it; how wonderful.

So here is today’s image as I am getting the ‘you are rambling stare’ from Sabrina!  This image is a ‘pah’ to always the bridesmaid never the bride, they are all wearing the veil!  Just lots of fun and sums up Rachel and Matthews wedding for me.  Before I get the keyboard snatched away from me, do you know why that saying came about?  Well I shall tell you.  The bride wore a veil over her face whilst walking down the aisle to ward off evil spirits and to fool them by disguising her face.  She had bridesmaids to absorb those evil spirits (nothing like belt and braces) so if a girl had been a bridesmaid more than three times, she was considered to have absorbed too much evil to ever get a husband; how’s about that then!

Ok, Ok I am finishing Sabrina…honestly!

Check in next week bloggers and have fun in the sun,

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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