Contemporary and Classical Wedding Photography Stoke by Nayland Hotel Essex – Sarah and Mark

Good Afternoon Sun Lovers!

Welcome to the wedding photography at Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Essex of Sarah and Mark.  Wow the weather was not at all kind to us on the day but Sarah and Mark did not care, they were happy to be getting married and celebrating this very special day.  Often Brides and Grooms worry about the weather on their big day; Sabrina and I always say it will be of no consequence when the day arrives.  Whatever the weather it is your day, sharing it with the people that you love and it will be your weather – whatever the weather is what makes it special and unique to you.

Sarah and Mark didn’t care they just enjoyed every minute of the day they had been planning and embraced their weather.  Sabrina and I were so pleased to be able to get outside to capture some shots they had requested, so happy days all round 🙂

So here are today’s chosen images; first up is a portrait that exudes happiness with a little softness to reflect moment; just look at the love in Sarah’s eyes…just lovely.  The hotel has this great balcony that is perfect on days where the ground may be a little squidgy.  It means that we can capture some of the lovely countryside without having to worry about mud and water, not a heady mix with a wedding dress!  I love to create movement in the still image so this shot was great fun as Sarah walked towards me swishing her dress and giving us a glimpse of those fantastic shoes.  I am not an expert on shoes but this is what Sabrina tells me 😉  When the weather is doing its thing by being unique on your big day a good canopy in the front of the hotel is always handy for getting some outside shots; the hotel had the very thing so here it is, just a lovely image of a couple very much in love.

I have probably said this before (Sabrina assures me I have) but I will say it again a true professional photographer will cope with whatever the great British weather throws at us, be it scorching heat, rain, snow or huge variants in light to create the most wonderful story for you.  Alas some of our less experienced counterparts may not be as comfortable in these wildly varying scenarios.  So when you are looking for your wedding photographer make sure they are able to show you lots of whole weddings rather than just a few cherry picked images and don’t be afraid to ask how they would cope with our great British weather.  A true pro will be chilled and talk you through it, just like my good self 😉  Never be afraid to check that the images they are showing you are from real weddings and not portfolio building days.  Portfolio building days are not real weddings and the shots are set up by a trainer with models, so this is not a true representation of their skill set.

Have a happy sunny week and check back again soon,
Kevin & Sabrina 🙂

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