Classical wedding photography with a contemporary twist at St Andrew’s Church , Great Finborough and Haughley Park Barn Stowmarket Suffolk – Lucy and Tim

Good Morning Pengelly Lovers,

Welcome to the Suffolk wedding photography at Haughley Park Barn, Stowmarket, Suffolk of Lucy and Tim.

Lucy and Tim had a beautiful wedding ceremony at St Andrew’s Church, Great Finborough but the day was not without its stresses for them both.  The car hire company made a incredible boo boo and poor Lucy was hour late for her own wedding.  Can you imagine how Tim must have been feeling!  The weather decided to add its own mark by pouring and I mean ‘stair rods’ all day.  Did it get them down, no it did not, they had a wonderful day and without blowing our own trumpet too much Sabrina and I managed to get things back on track and by working our socks off the wedding breakfast was delayed by only 10 minutes; there was a bit of high fiving going on that day I can tell you.  It gave us immense satisfaction that despite the awful delay, we managed to ensure they could enjoy their wedding breakfast they way the chef intended; fresh, beautifully presented and not a dried up mess!  I hate to say it but if some of our less experienced counterparts had been faced with the awful delay and the inclement weather then the poor chef would be crying into his apron.  The moral of this story always book a professional photographer who has a wealth of experience, is qualified and can prove both their qualifications and consistency of their work.

So on to today’s images, which will come as no surprise at being indoors!  Yep you spotted it; a Pengelly signature rat pack.  The whole scene is set cash, beer, cigars, cards and ‘da management’ then presented in black and white to really give edge to the image.  The shape of the roof was lovely here and I positioned Lucy and Tim to ensure that all lines led to them, I added just a touch of softness et voila 🙂  Haughley Barn is eclectic in that we have the traditional barn but then these very majestic surroundings that also form part of the venue; this is another very timeless image of Lucy with her lovely veil, the light is warm and soft too; you see rain, what rain.  The last image of today makes use of the staircase, so a bit more majesty.  Rather than have them both standing I wanted to mix things up a bit so again another timeless image with muted colour tones for effect.

I hope you are all set for the weekend and for those readers who have children I hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays.  As much as you love it I think now is about the time that you start dreaming of the autumn term 😉

Check back in next week for more musings from the Pengellymeister and have a great weekend.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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