Winter Wedding Photography at Long Melford Church and Bull Hotel Long Melford – Natasha and Sonny

Good Morning Readers,

Welcome to the winter wedding photography in Suffolk or Natasha and Sonny at The Bull Hotel, Long Melford; it really was a cold crisp winter’s day for their wedding but again another lovely couple who enjoyed their day and the start of a new and wonderful life together.  I have already posted an image from their day in one of my image of the week postings earlier in the year but I really wanted to write a blog and showcase some more images from this beautiful winter wedding.  Each season brings new challenges to wedding photographers and those changes are embraced by the more experienced among us.  For our less experienced counterparts who do not have the depth of knowledge, this is not so and they may flounder trying to cope with the very different conditions and light that the shorter winter days will bring; this often results in overly flashed images as they are at a loss as to how to cope.  As you will see from Natasha and Sonny’s images the reflected light also has to be taken into account in order to achieve a depth and clarity to the imagery; a lack of knowledge will alas result in lacklustre and poorly exposed images!  The methods I use in a summer wedding are really quite different to those of a winter wedding, but as the seasons change so does my desire to utilise these methods and it also means the imminent arrival of the Christmas chocolate 😉

Let me give you some background before today’s images; I love to create cinematic and storybook references to my work and as soon as I pulled back the curtains when I woke that morning I thought, yep today we will be in Narnia, so everything you see here has that influence lurking in the back of my head.  When I was preparing for my fellowship I used to take a pad whenever we went to the cinema and often when watching television I could be found sketching ideas for images.  If the wedding and conditions fitted then out would come one of my ideas to be brought to life through many of the wonderful couples who chose us to photograph their weddings.  OK, OK Sabrina I am getting back to Natasha and Sonny’s wedding!!!  So Narnia and image one; they are through the door and into this wonderful and magical land; I think the image says it all really.  Image two and they are exploring the many wonders of Narnia and in the real world enjoying a few moments together!  I am still on the Narnia theme for image three because Suffolk is so picturesque that it fitted the whole story so well.  It was very, very cold that day but Natasha wanted to have these images and I am so pleased because they have something magical to remember from their special day.  Last but not least; yes you guessed it, in the head of the Pengelly this is the wardrobe door.  Natasha and Sonny are at the entrance before they take those steps into the wonder that you see in the first image.

A wedding story has so many facets; it is the story of a couples’ day but it can have a fairytale element that brings this beautiful story into fantasyland…magic!

Now that I have revealed this little insight of me to you all I wonder how many other films, fairytales and novels you will see in my work?

Check in again next time our lovely readers.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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