Stunning Photoshoot at Hintlesham Hall-Pengelly Photography-Suffolk

Good Afternoon my fashion loving readers,

We just love stretching our talents as much as possible and there is nothing like embarking on a fashion shoot. This is so completely different to what you are used to seeing from us, but even if I do say so myself, still utilises the skills of light, exposure, composition and pose. This proves that  brilliant training from some of the best in our wonderful industry can prepare a photographer to lend their hand to almost anything they like. Trying new things really does keep my photography alive and it is through these projects that the most amazing things can happen that I can then bring into my other work. I think my excitement of this shoot is really showing through in this week’s blog, I just loved it and I am still buzzing from that day.

So how did this come about I hear you ask; well very recently is the answer and as soon as an idea formulates in my head I do not hang about. Cast your mind back the brilliant wedding fayre that Sabrina and I attended a few weeks ago at Layer Marney Tower. I got chatting with two amazing suppliers who’s work I really admire, let me introduce you to Emma Brooks, make up artist extraordinaire and Tina Crossley; what she doesn’t know about hair is not worth knowing. These two talented ladies said they would love to do a shoot with me; quite honestly when you get an offer like this only a fool would not act upon it. We had a good old chat after the fayre and between us came up with a theme for the shoot. I sourced our model Amber Tutton who had the perfect look for this Georgianesque theme; she also had quite short hair and I knew this would showcase Tina’s talents to perfection and the finishing touch to her beautiful work was  a hand made headdress supplied by Dee Neicho a very good friend of Tina Crossley. Now to the venue Hintlesham Hall; I think you can see from the images that we were looking at shooting a risqué Georgian shoot, it may be risqué but it had to ooze class and refinement too. Hintlesham was the obvious choice and I have a very good association with them that goes back many years so we were given full access to this amazing venue.

Et voila, here is a selection of images from the shoot; take a close look at the make up to see the changes that have been made; instinctively Emma knew what would look good for each set of images I had in mind. Amber was amazing and performed to the brief perfectly. I really do think that along with the venue this was the dream team.

I want to give a big thanks to the following people.  These two ladies Emma and Tina will make any bride a million dollars on their big day or any event to be honest. Amber you are a brilliant model and I hope your career goes from strength to strength and thank you so much for your brilliance. I think this shoot goes to show what a versatile venue Hintlesham Hall is and how lucky am I that they let me loose with full trust and confidence in me.

Please click on the links below and have a look at these wonderful and talented people:

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Make-Up Artist
Emma Brooks –
Hair Design
Tina Crossley –
Amber Tutton -Amber Tutton Modelling.
Dee Neichp please contact Tina Crossley
Hintlesham Hall –

Phew that was a mega blog this week, I have Sabrina waving some images in front of me so have to dash. Enjoy and we are looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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