Layer Marney Tower Wedding Photography-Victoria & Mathew.

Good Afternoon Pengelly Fans,

Wow have I got a blog for you today featuring the amazing Layer Marney Tower and the wedding photography of Victoria and Mathew. It was all happening here, buses, fun, turkeys, sporrans, drama and more hats than you can shake a stick hat; so relax and I shall begin…

In the beginning there was a beautiful bride called Victoria and on this day she was set to marry her Prince Mathew. Her fairy photographers visited Victoria and granted her the wish of a wonderful wedding story liberally sprinkled with Pengelly magic 🙂 She was attended by her fairy godmothers also known as Tina Crossley of Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings and Emma Brooks Make up and they were set to make Victoria a princess for they day but could they improve on perfection? Of course because like the fairy photographers they also perform many wonderful and magical things.

Victoria then left her family home to make her way to the tower, now in this story the tower is a good thing as her Mathew was already waiting there to make her his wife. Their guests arrived in a beautiful red bus that belongs to Layer Marney Tower and they excitedly settled ready to see Victoria make her entrance. It was a beautiful ceremony and Victoria was so happy to see her groom and finally become his wife; her happiness was evident for all to see. There was much jubilation at the tower as the pipers played for the newlyweds who celebrated amongst their guests and Victoria was so happy to have married her prince.

Now how’s that for a love story? I wanted to write something that befitted Victoria and Mathew to appeal to their theatrical side as they are very keen actors. They are also huge Chelsea fans. Football is something very close to my heart as I was a budding footballer in my younger days, and many of you probably know that our son Aaron is going from strength to strength with his football. I love my job as we are so privileged to meet the most wonderful people; I am chuffed to bits that we have kept in touch with Victoria and Mathew; Aaron and I have had a lovely time watching football with them at Stamford Bridge.

This wedding was so popular that it was gatecrashed… turkeys!! They loved it and followed Victoria and Mathew up the drive. I did hear they disgraced themselves later after too much champagne 😉 Irie Jay who is well known to us was singing throughout the drinks reception and there was only one short sharp shower as the drinkies ended despite the dark clouds. I was not fussed as I love the drama these clouds create.

The were there to entertain during the evening and in true fairytale tradition there was a starlight floor. For me this was particularly lovely as it added a completely new dimension to a shot that I love doing at Layer Marney; just check out those twinkles and reflections! To finish Mathew’s daughters had choreographed a dance routine that was just a joy to watch even through a viewfinder. I think theatre must be in the blood, very talented and beautifully behaved young ladies.

Sabrina and I came away from this wedding truly enchanted and as the clock struck twelve nothing turned into a pumpkin and they lived happily ever after….ahhhhhh.

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

The End

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