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In this current digital world the debate is what do you prefer a beauitiful print in a beauitiful frame or a USB Drive that will be stored on your computer and images never seeing the light of day or have you thought now this is a big thought will you be able to view your USB Drive in say 5 years time??

With the current wedding market we are asked often for just a USB Drive and we have asked our Bride & Grooms what do you do with your images nearly 85% say they just store them on their laptop or home computer how sad that beauitiful images are not printed 🙁

Please take a look at the image below and make your own mind up what looks better the print and frame on the left or the USB Drive on the right, I know what looks better of course the print and frame the USB Drive does not have the same impact on your wall?

It has been said that the current younger generation will be a faceless society as everything is stored on a smart phone, it has been said that in 20 years maybe less time there will be no prints/photographs to show and it has also been said in certain quarters historians are worried as they will not have any prints to show.

Have you thought in 20 years time will you still be able to play or view your digital files as technology is changing rapidly look at history we had the floppy disc then the CD then the DVD now the USB Drive are you still going to be able to view these on your laptop when changes are made as most files are to be stored on the Cloud now???

With a print it is timeless a moment in time to show and be admired for years the life of a current print is 150 years can this be said with your USB Drive.

If you have a USB Drive go and print them whether this is through Pengelly Photography or another printer but PRINT PRINT PRINT!!!!

With Christmas fast approaching it would be a perfect time to get that USB Drive out and get some prints printed to share with friends and family 🙂

Please dont be a faceless society.

Kevin Pengelly FBIPP MCGWP

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