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Winter Wedding Photography Weddings at Butley Priory, Woodbridge, Suffolk – Siobhan and David

Good Morning Pengelly Readers!

Today’s winter wedding photography is beautiful and classical and is from the very lovely wedding of Siobhan and David.  Their wedding was in November but from the images this really is not evident and without ‘bigging’ myself up too much it is down to my knowledge and clever use of light 🙂  side note, Sabrina has just rolled her eyes!

Butley Priory dates back to the 12th Century and is a privately owned family house, which means you are guaranteed an exclusive experience, it really is a gem tucked away in the Suffolk countryside.

As we progress and develop, professional photographers develop a very distinctive style that is almost like a signature; when their worked is viewed it is instantly recognisable and attributed to them.  If you look deep into an image you should feel the emotion of both the subject and the photographer and this is only achieved with absolute trust in what the photographer is trying to achieve.  So with that in mind this has Pengelly written all over it; black and white, a beautiful window and a bride who oozes with the emotion of the moment.  I do love muted colour tones, these are definitely not, I repeat not vintage 🙂 there is more depth and quality here but the tones used really bring out the beautiful priory with the elegance of Siobhan and David.  I look at this image and even I cannot believe it is November, the scene does betray late autumn but it really does give a nod to late summer as well.  I do love the little table and chairs and this image is quintessentially English.  Another thing that screams Pengelly is architecture, and I love the back of this building; the tones and light are warm and gorgeous.

We had very little time to capture the groups shots due to the failing light, but with my extensive technical knowledge and ability to use natural and introduced light I was able to capture all the shots; again if you use a professional it’s like water off a duck’s back….cue eye rolling again!

Have a great weekend and pop back next week for some more Pengelly insights 😉

Kevin and Sabrina 🙂

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Documentary Wedding Photography at Butley Priory Woodbridge Suffolk – Image of the Week

Week Sixteen

This is a documentary wedding image from Butley Priory, Woodbridge, Suffolk and we had a smashing day with Madeline and Mark and the picture you see today sums up their wedding; just full of joy and laughter.  I have been really lucky to have been the photographer at some weddings with the best cars and this one did not disappoint…ooh yes it was a Maserati just the sound of it coming down the road was brilliant.  You know a good car when you hear the thrust of an engine and the vibrations in your chest as it approaches.  Step aside Clarkson, Pengelly is waiting in the wings to present Top Gear!!

Why do I love this image; plain and simple it is what weddings are all about, fun, laughter and the excitement of the journey ahead in the knowledge that you are with the one you love.

Kevin & Sabrina 🙂

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