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Le Talbooth Essex wedding of Elizabeth and Michael-Pengelly Photography Essex & Suffolk Wedding Photography

We photographed the lovely wedding of Elizabeth and Michael earlier in the year, with bitterly cold winds and rain on and off all day, but was this going to spoil their day…… no it wasn’t !

We arrived at Elizabeth’s parents house for home visit shots, It was lovely to be working with Emma Quin of Pretty Faces Makeup and Pete from Studio 56 in Sudbury for the hair and having a good catch up along with getting the prep shots of Elizabeth.

Then it was off to the stunning church at Long Melford where Sam French of Wild Poppy Flowers had done an amazing display down the aisle of the church and where we met Michael and all the guys.With the rain on and off guests made their way into the church and Elizabeth was lucky that it held off long enough for her to make her grand entrance.

After the ceremony there was a surprise guard of honour for Michael from his colleagues from Long Melford Fire station and we then came back into the church for all the group photos and mulled wine to keep the guests warm.However Elizabeth, Michael and their bridal party braved the cold for a few fun photos outside and looking at the photos you would never guess how cold they were especially the bridesmaids what a really fun bunch they were !

Then it was off to Le Talbooth Restaurant for the reception and where we did a few together shots of the happy couple,it was really strange to not see the marquee up so we made use of the large patio area instead.It was very warm and cosy in the restaurant and everyone was enjoying themselves.After some very funny speeches the evening ended with some great dance moves from all the guests.

Thank you Elizabeth and Michael for letting us be part of your special day.

Wedding Photography Le talbooth-Pengelly Photography Essex Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography02 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography03 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography04 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography05 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography06 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography07 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography08 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography09 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography10 Le Talbooth Essex Pengelly Photography11

               Sabrina & Kevin xx

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Le Talbooth Essex Wedding Photography for Mandy and Julian

Another lovely Autumn wedding that we photographed although the weather was so warm it almost felt like Summer !!

Mandy and Julian were married at Le Maisons and then onto Dedham Church for their blessing and what an amazing Church it is ! the present church building dates from the late 15th century, and was the last medieval ‘wool church’ to be completed, albeit in a more economical style that was originally intended ( a little piece of historical information ). After a really lovely ceremony it was onto Le Talbooth for the drinks reception.

Here we caught up with a few group shots and then spent the rest of the day capturing lots of natural photos which we love doing.The guests were a great bunch of people and really good fun to photograph, along with the magician who didn’t mind us photographing while he showed everyone some amazing tricks.

We had a really great day and hope you enjoy looking at a few of the photos from their day.

Thank you Mandy and Julian for letting us be part of your special day.

Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography01 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography02 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography03 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography04 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography05 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography06 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography07 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography08 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography09 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography10 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography11 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography12 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography13 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography14 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography15 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography16 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography17 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography18 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography19 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography20 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography21 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography22 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography23 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography24 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography25 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography26 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography27 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography28 Wedding Photography-Le Talbooth-Essex-Pengelly Photography29


 Sabrina & Kevin xx

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Essex Wedding Photography for Charlotte and Andrew at Lavenham Church, Suffolk and Le Talbooth Essex

Hello Essex Wedding Photographers Pengelly Photography fans, apologies for the long gap between blogs but August has been an exceptional month for us and we also sneaked in a little holiday to Rome as well and yes we had an amazing time, if you haven’t been it is a “must ” !!

Well today we have photos from the lovely Charlotte and Andrew who got married in the beautiful village of Lavenham at the stunning church and then onto Le Talbooth in Dedham.

We met Charlotte and her bridesmaids at her parents beautiful home to capture all the accessories and getting ready photos.Charlotte who is very organised was ready on time which was great for us as we could then utilise her parents stunning garden in the beautiful sunshine.

We met Andrew and the guys at the Church and they arrived in style chauffeured in Charlottes father’s Bentley.It was a real scorcher of a day and Charlotte looked beautiful and was very calm as she arrived at the Church.

After group photos at the church it was onto Le Talbooth which looked as lovely as ever ( wish my lawn looked as lovely as that !) and we all arrived to the super sound of a jazz band playing in the grounds.There was also a magician going around keeping all the guests amazed and occupied with his tricks along with the very tasty looking canopies and flowing champagne a real garden party feel.

The great thing about Summer weddings is the lighter evenings where we sometimes get the opportunity to go back out with the couple for some really informal evening photos and chance for them to walk off their dinner !

We had a great time at Charlotte and Andrew’s wedding so thank you to you both for letting us be part of your special day and being able to capturing some wonderful images for you both.

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Sabrina & Kevin xx


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